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Curble Wider



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Curble Wider's lumbar support allows the users to stay seated for extended period of time without feeling any fatigue or discomfort. The firm plastic tension of the chair makes the chair a level that stably supports your back. The bottom of Curble Wider is 5cm larger than the Curble Comfy, and can be used by big and tall users without any problem.


Office workers and students who spend extended periods in a seated position. People who have a forward head posture and/or a slouched posture with their shoulders rolled forward. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Maita Salvador
    Back Support

    While I usually sit on chairs with back rests, my back does not usually feel supported because I often slouch while seated. I only started using Curble wider yesterday and it feels like my back receives the support it needs. It seems that with the Curble wider, I have no other way to sit but upright.

    My new supporter

    Curble Wider:
    Fast delivery.
    Can fit small to large size back.
    Need this for encouraging proper posture - supporter.
    Good quality as seen on picture.

    Elle S.
    Support +++

    Gives ample flex when you lean back or side to side. It's really fun to dip a bit backward on your bed or the rug but if you're a bit heavier like me, be ready to take a tumble. hahaha. It keeps my back straight for the hours I spend sitting on it. A great investment. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. <3


    Truly ergonomic. The first time I sat in felt good! It felt right. If you have low back pain or low back issues this item will help you significantly. I take my Curble Wider with me wherever I go... at home, work, in the car, eating out... literally everywhere. It's not hard to carry around. This product is not only for those with long sitting hours. Everyone should get one. My work does not even entail long sitting hours. Again, I say if you have lumbar issues, you need to get a Curble. Curble has relieved me of my lower back pain by enforcing proper posture. And yes, it actually allows you to sit long(er) without discomfort.

    Nok Mallari
    Life saver

    If you sit 8h/day get one!

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